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Ramiro Pineda Murguía
Lope de Vega # 111 - 1/er Piso
Col : Chapultepec Morales.
México city, 11590
Tels:545-16-87. 545-89-91.
545-85-92. 545-02-14.


III. Services available at Consultoría y Estrategia Política

Consultoría y Estrategia Política is a firm that understands both the mexican political and business environment, that is why its basic service is to coordinate and assist the relations with individuals, groups, nongovernmental organizations, companies, public administration, as well as society as a whole, with the highest levels of decision making and the most influential people in public opinion.

Consultoría y Estrategia Política endeavors to find favorable solutions for its clients, through direct or indirect persuasions tasks at the three government levels: federal, state or municipal, as well as other companies, groups or individuals involved in the decisions making process.

Thus, Consultoría y Estrategia Política offers amongst its services, to be a link between its clients and the various goverment’s departments; to assess and examine the effect of certain campaigns in public opinion; junctural analysis on the economical and political situation, as well as its possible effects on business or political aspirations.

Furthermore, Consultoría y Estrategia Política offers counsel on speech writing, papers, press releases and informative, political or promotional booklets. Additionally, we offer our clients the necessary advice to organize successfull press conferences. Consultoría y Estrategia Política also offers direct persuasion tasks with pressure or interest groups that could be either harmful or beneficial to any project. The universe of these groups includes peasant organizations, unions, neighborhood and parents associations, nongovermental organizations, ecologists, and others.

Specifically, Consultoría y Estrategia Política offers the following services:

Relations and contacts at the three government levels: Federal, State and Municipal.

Identification of the bureaucratic positions of persons that hold the posts where decision making takes place.

Knowledge of the people and groups that are influential in the resolution and formulation of public policies.

Relations and contacts with the electronic and printed mass media in México, United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

Opinion polls, marketing polls or any other particular survey.

Creation, consolidation or reposition of corporate or personal image, as well as governmental or non governmental organizations.

Analysis, assesment, design and execution of campaign strategies.

An informative weekly newsletter where different points of view about recent and important national events are analyzed.