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Director General.Ramiro Pineda Murguía
Lope de Vega # 111 - 1/er Piso
Col : Polanco.
México DF 11590
Tels:545-16-87. 545-89-91
545-85-92. 545-02-14


The emergence of México’s Government into the international arena is characterized by its relation with increasingly competitive societies and interdependent nations. Continuous developments in mass media technologies lead to the availability of instantaneous information that encourages greater political paticipation. Organizations are thus compelled to enhance productivity in all areas.

The present international situation favors citizens’ democratic participation. This not only urges institutions to achieve greater productivity, but also calls for more exclusive, better and timely information for political and entreprenurial decision makers.

As a consequence of its open market policies and its commercial strategic alliances with the United States, Canada and several European and Latinamerican countries, México is now a very attractive market. Currently the State has abandoned its historical role as proprietor and assumes the role of constitutional conductor of the national economy.

México is a land of opportunity in which the letting go of power brings about a change in the balance of political forces. To understand these forces it is imperative to achieve political and or business goals. Nevertheless, to accomplish them at a minimum cost and on schedule, it is essential to count with the expertise that Consultoría y Estrategia Política offers.

The mexican society is undergoing challenging and ever changing times. These circumstances compel investors to have a deep knowledge of the law, the public administration, the financial, banking, industrial and agricultural environments, as well as the political climate. The profound understanding and assimilation of this knowledge constitutes an essencial tool for the development of sound businesses and political ambitions in México.

There is a dinamic which leads México towards the international open markets and makes it a favored destination of international resources. Therefore, people who believe in the country and invests in it have the right to move around the labyrinths of its public administration in an efficient way that guarantees optimum results. The goal of Consultoría y Estrategia Política is to consolidate this right.

At the same time that the country must preserve its image as a safe place to invest, business men need a strong image that depicts them as respectable and influential people in the locations where they are investing. The political groups and individuals need a public image which makes them reliable and trustworthy. This three goals are the objectives of Consultoría y Estrategia Política.